Küresel Liderlik Forumu 2022

Global Academy ile Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Hükümet ve Liderlik Okulu ortaklığında geliştirilen “Küresel Liderlik Forumu 2022”, 11 Haziran’da Giresunda gerçekleştirildi.



10-12 June 2022
Zifin Hotel, Giresun, Turkey

Joint Workshop by
Global Academy and Bahçeşehir University, Government and Leadership Center

The international system has been experiencing rapid changes and important challenges since the end of the Cold War. Various conflicting situations have emerged in tight geography, between Ukraine in the North and Yemen in the South, and between Libya in the West and Afghanistan in the East. Although global considerations encourage world leaders to look at wider trends and aim at changing their focuses, regional dynamics have been pulling them back to these regions.

It is high time we explore both global undercurrents shaping the future of world peace and the regional (both in the South and the North) dynamics that challenge both regional and global peace and stability. The proposed workshop aims at exploring first the underlying dynamics of the global change with a view to achieving peace in the 21st century. The second and third sessions would look closely at emerging complications in the south and the north for global peace and stability. The final session will tease out participants’ recommendations for regional countries, global powers, and international organizations to achieve lasting peace, security, and stability in these regions and globally.