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Global Academy, the Center for European and International Studies (CIES), and the Institute of International Relations at the Panteion University of Athens (IDIS) are organizing the 10th Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium (GTYLS) on Security in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom-Turkey, NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, International Relations Council | Türkiye, and Columbia Global Center | İstanbul, and on 7-9 October 2024 in İstanbul, Türkiye. 

The 10th GTYLS is part of the Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Initiative, which provides a forum for dialogue, collaboration, and networking among young Greeks and Turks and aims to enhance participants’ knowledge of security issues focusing on their shared neighbourhoods. This is particularly crucial in 2024 as it marks the 75th anniversary of NATO’s establishment. The Alliance’s significance is ever relevant today for both countries, given the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, in 2024, the Greek and Turkish governments have proved resilient and constructive in managing their strategic differences. The two countries mapped out their diverging priorities in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean through high-level meetings. Although they have yet to develop a substantive plan for how those differences would be reconciled, the ongoing thaw has increased the need for platforms to promote dialogue between Greeks and Turks for trust-building measures and enhancing collaboration. 

The Symposium thus provides a forum for dialogue, collaboration, and networking for young Greeks and Turks interested in and involved in enhancing their respective country’s role in the Alliance, the cooperation between the two countries, and the transatlantic bond. 

The Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium (GTYLS) on Security will include the participation of up to 30 Greek and Turkish undergraduate and MA students, PhD candidates, young PhD scholars, and professionals with expertise in International Relations and related areas, and aged between 20 and around 40 years old, and Greek and Turkish experts that will act as speakers and trainers. 

Sessions will include an overview of “The State of Greek-Turkish Relations within the NATO Context,” while more specialized sessions will be held on Understanding the Wider Security Context (China, US, Europe), Measuring Public Opinion in the Greek-Turkish Context, The Wider Security Context (Black Sea, Caucasus, the Middle East), Promoting the Values of Freedom, Democracy, and the Rule of Law; The Political Economy of Greek-Turkish Relations, The Perspectives of Media, and the Viewpoint of the Younger Generations. 

These sessions will be supported by Focus Group workshops led by an experienced facilitator where participants will work in mixed groups to discuss and analyze the thematic sessions to present their policy proposals from the perspective of enhancing the input and interest of young leaders from both countries in supporting and promoting the values of the Atlantic Alliance in their countries. 

Participants are expected to meet the criteria listed below: 

•    Specialists in International Relations and other relevant disciplines (undergraduate and MA students, PhD candidates, young PhD scholars, and professionals) 

•    20-40 years of age or thereabouts. 

•    An interest in international relations, foreign policy, security, political economy, civil society engagement, NATO, and Greek-Turkish relations. 

•    Willing to establish networks and dialogue between Greece and Turkey. 

•    Fluent in spoken and written English.  

The organizers will cover: 

– round trip travel from Athens to Istanbul (for the Greek participants);

– accommodation in İstanbul (in shared double occupancy rooms) for the duration of the Symposium (3 nights including breakfast) for all non-Istanbul-based participants; 

– lunch for 3 days; 

– and a dinner. 

The organizers may provide a small travel stipend for those attending the Symposium from Turkey if needed. 

Participants are expected to arrange their health insurance coverage for their trip/stay. 

Please note that the language of the Symposium is English. 

You may see the generic program here

Application and registration process: 

The deadline for applications is Monday, 19 August 2024. Participation is limited to between 20 and 30 people (equal numbers of Greeks and Turks). Acceptance is at the discretion of the organizers. 

To apply, please complete this application form and attach in Word format a detailed CV in English:

Should you have any queries, please contact us by email at [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in the Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium on Security.