Turkish Peacekeeping Database

The project traces Turkey’s contribution to global peacekeeping activities since the end of the Cold War. The main hypothesis of the research was that “Turkey wished to be more active its foreign policy in the post-Cold War era through increasing its contribution to peacekeeping activities around the world, and has made significant progress towards realizing this ambition since early 2000s.” Turkey has been a founding member of the United Nations and has actively participated in other international organizations such as NATO, OSCE, Council of Europe, etc. It has been involved in a number of operations at various levels within the scope of peacekeeping activities abroad. However, there has been no database containing information regarding Turkey’s peacekeeping activities. This project aims to fill that gap by preparing a database on Turkey’s Participation in Peacekeeping Activities between 1985 and 2013. It is expected that the created database will contribute and enhance academic and political research and studies in the fields of Foreign Policy and International Security.