Program Introductions



The “Security Academy”, which has been held on Ilgaz Mountain in the third week of December every year since 2008, aims to provide advanced training on the changing face of international security to academics, journalists, diplomats, researchers and civil society representatives working in the field of security in Turkey, as well as professionals in the field. By bringing the relevant groups together in a free discussion environment, security issues in Turkey and in the world are handled at the theoretical and practical level, and close contact and exchange of views are provided between experts and professionals. From the beginning, the Academy, supported by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NATO Public Diplomacy Unit, includes lectures, seminars, panels and simulations in which experts in their fields and representatives of institutions influential in Turkey’s security policy formation process attend as speakers. The Academy, which was held for the 16th time in 2021, has hosted more than 1000 participants and 150 speakers so far.

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