Global Academy was founded by a group of researchers and academicians to conduct independent, objective, science-based, and in-depth research. Academic excellence is its aim. This is achieved through various channels. First, by producing simple and comprehensible data, providing consultancy and solution partnership to the people and institutions who need them. Second, performing, broadcasting, and publishing educational activities directed to the enlightenment of the public. Third, providing professional remarks to decision-makers and private sector institutions at national and international levels. Lastly, establishing a general framework for understanding, explicating, and finding solutions to the global problems encountered by humanity.

Global Academy is a learning and research center whose contributors collaborate with non-profit volunteer productions and project-specific studies. Perfection at the international level is achieved through sharing and discussing all information, ideas, comments, and analyses.

Now more than ever, it has become more essential to comprehend the economic, political, social, cultural, military, humanitarian, environmental, ecological, etc., changes. These days, the world is constantly changing, certainties are becoming obscure, rules and structures are becoming liquid, the reality and the truth are being opened to discussion, and systemic evolution is reaching a dizzying speed.

In this environment, we are witnessing the sharpening of the distinctions between the thoughts and opinions of those who share their views and studies through different platforms. The polarization between individuals is Increased and further stimulated by political, ideological, religious, and ethnic differences. In this setting, Global Academy is a platform where different views and conflicting ideas can come together with the common goal of seeking the decent and the truth.

In today’s world, where different learning methods, research procedures, and academic habits can be successfully evaluated altogether, Global Academy aims to continue its studies with a multidisciplinary approach. It functions as a sharing platform that brings together scholars who believe that alternative thinking and production processes provided by different perspectives, research methods, and cognition practices facilitate understanding the past and present and predicting the future. Global Academy prefers informal cooperation practices, standard production methods, outcome-oriented work, and holistic approaches rather than hierarchical and formal structuring in its studies.

Global Academy consists of people who share their ideas, labor, and products within the context of a cooperation model that provides a connection between different activities and outcomes that have been generated. Every contributor is responsible for their labor and product. No one else acts as the guarantor of another’s labor or product. The only joint responsibility of all is to search for the truth continually, go after the scientific facts and avoid politico-ideological blindness.

Global Academy aims to facilitate informed dialogue and interaction between national and international decision-makers, civil society organizations, companies, investors, researchers, and the public. It does this by engaging in cooperation, co-production, project development, and evaluation activities based on mutual benefit. Collaboration is made with research centers, universities, associations, and similar organizations at the national and international level, as well as state structures and international organizations. Any study’s data is brought to the public’s attention via academic publications, education programs, proficiency courses, public meetings, workshops, seminars, reports, and the like.

Global Academy’s work is primarily funded by the efforts of its contributors. Academic products are based entirely on the voluntary efforts of employees. Support can be obtained for project-based studies that generate information open to the public from all persons, institutions, and organizations with respected national and international recognition, as well as states or institutions associated with states; such support is stated openly. The main principle regarding such resources is that the sponsors will not have any impact on the research method, results, products, and use of these products of the studies that are generated openly to the public. Global Academy determines the copyrights and tenures of the products that arise in academic and project-based studies and when, where, and how they will be used. The copyright owner of the products that will arise as the result of the contractual consultancy and report production studies and how the products will be used, and the information that can be disclosed to the public are determined within the framework of the contractual terms.